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Home - Beach Business Coach
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Taking Your Business Ideas To The Next Level

Services for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
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Need an extra push to grow your existing business or get a new idea off the ground? Let us help you reach your goals.

Services For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


Stage One

Defining, with you, “the brand” and providing the guidelines necessary is essential in order to grow your company and create consistent marketing materials, from a logo initially to a properly optimized single purpose website (and various social media pages), as well as several legal items – such as the incorporation, name search, structure, and initial trademark application.


Stage Two

Upon defining your offering, there are many variables we consider and help to implement when developing your company and prioritizing the resources necessary with respect to achieving your vision, such as testing your product, writing the business plan and acquiring a team of new partners.


Phase Three

Having defined the offering and developed the company locally, you will need help to expand operationally – whether simply by hiring more employees or licensing your rights abroad – and this involves delivering a complete package that attracts the right investor: a company that is operating efficiently, that is selling a branded product profitably, that has the potential to expand exponentially and a willingness to evolve, while also satisfying the needs of each targeted consumer in markets that make sense around the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Coaching?

Elementally, a business coach can help shape the future for you and your company by first talking with you (and your executive team, if necessary) to clearly understand your needs and then defining your objectives by creating a business plan and developing a cohesive strategy to move forward both efficiently and effectively, and communicate key messages with consistency. As well, a business coach can objectively assist you in the short-term evaluation process of any expansion recommendations made by your executive team with respect to hiring new employees or opening new offices, or launching a new product, given existing revenue flow and budgets, or by securing new investment or acquiring new capital.

How Do I Know if a Business Coach Is Right for Me?

If you’re happy running your company and simply don’t need to change a thing, then you likely don’t need a coach, but if you’re looking to launch a campaign or grow the business and need to acquire a team of helpful professionals, whether experts from among the legal, marketing and accounting industries, in order to move your offering into new territories or expand your product line (or both), and you do not have the time or the expertise to take the next step, then make the call and let us assist you to make your dreams a reality. 

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

We truly enjoy working with creative entrepreneurs, especially those in the start-up phase who typically have a “great idea”, keeping in mind the traditional Business Life Cycle (and its four phases: Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline) and thus always focus on defining your Offering and encapsulating your needs – given your own aspirations, yet also the competition – within a business plan and developing a communications strategy to assure your growth and success, but to answer the question we are quite happy to work with any client of any size in any industry.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes. If you need to hire us (or a specific individual who we recommend) to perform a specific task, we are happy to negotiate rates on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis. Additional ongoing expenses to consider might include custom software, new hardware, travel expenses, creative and advertising costs, third-party fees, and legal services for requisite contract work.

Do You Invest In Startup Companies?

No. However, with the brand defined and a business plan in hand, based on a great idea, for any company of any size, the provision of an investment and/or financing is a very likely result, whether through a loan, convertible debt or the sale of equity.

Graeme Boyce

I’ve gone from newspaperboy, ice cream man, dishwasher, waiter, nuclear buyer, auditor, writer, manager to producer…about.me/graemeboyce

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